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Europe for Christ! embraces all Christian denominations and aims to renew Europe spiritually and socially in a Christian spirit through prayer, knowledge, and active participation in public life by all Christians.

Europe for Christ! is a legal association according to German law.

Dr. Martin Kugler is in charge of the realization of the initiative together with an international and multi-denominational team.

Copyright: We are glad about a wide distribution and usage of our texts. We are however only able to allow a reproduction free of charge if 1) Europe for Christ and the website www.europe4christ.net are mentioned as the source, 2) the logo (the Europefish) is printed and 3) the invitation to sign up online the receive more information through our "letters for Europe". The printing of the logo can be omitted only if that would be an excessive and unusual demand for the respective paper. We ask for a short email to inform us about the usage of our texts.

Europe for Christ!

Möllwaldplatz 5

A-1040 Vienna


Email: office (at) europe4christ.net


Dr. Eduard Habsburg-Lothringen

President of "Europe for Christ!"

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