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A large-scale distribution of stickers will be used to invite as many Christians as possible to join in this daily prayer. Sign-ups are possible online or by sending a postcard. Sign up now and order our logo - the fish-sticker!

Strictly speaking, there are no members as such but only "participants" who take up an idea. The formal legal entity, a specially established association, constitutes the legal frame. "Europe for Christ!” was initiated by many Christians of various denominations as an answer to the discrimination against Christians in our times. The final go for "Europe for Christ!" was an initiative by the world-wide Aid Organization “Church in Need” in January 2005. The Association "Europe for Christ!" works autonomously and seeks to co-operate with as many groups as possible.

Please note: Europe for Christ! is not a political campaign but supports individuals in turning toward God. In light of the manifold attacks on Christians and Christian values in public life it is necessary to be a sign of hope: Christians of all countries and backgrounds unite as a biblical “community of saints” with concrete concerns and aims.



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